Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Generation Gap in the Job Market


So,as someone who is still looking for a genuine full fledged job, i had this epiphany while chatting with a 16 year old in Brazil: the only way i'm going to find a job is if there is value in bridging the generation gap. If there isn't, or if i can't figure out a way to prove that there is, then i will likely remain unemployed for a long time (perhaps perpetually), and, almost just as likely, i won't be alone.

What i noticed is that i can't really compete with the 16 year old, he has too much time and interest on his hands, and the resources to get books for which he finds interesting. I am probably better at the english language, seeing as how i've written quite a bit, but that doesn't really mean much, since i'm not very good at neurolinguistic programming, if i was, i probably would have a job. I guess, what will likely happen, is a lot of rich people are going to die, and will leave their money to a younger generation. However, that time period, the time that it takes for them to die, and the time that it takes for the money to be transferred is crucial. During that time period the economy will likely dive...and what could possibly solve that problem?

So, i'm not really sure where to go from here. I have my own issues with my parents, particularly my father, in terms of the generation gap. Ma was there, and she tried to get me, because she was able to interface with me when i was a baby, and if you're an adult and can interface with babies, then it is likely that you can interface with teenagers, young adults, or what have you.

So, essentially, it is up to me to bridge this gap, which is probably a herculean task, like bridging the gap between my divorced parents or something. Seeing as how my father doesn't perceive anything i have done in the last 2 years to be worth a dime (or a damn), i'm really not sure what to do. The problem is likely in the fact that i radically changed from someone that chose technology, at the expense of my health, to choosing a balance between the two, and in order to get to this point, i had to stop wasting time at my old job. At the time, I couldn't possibly have accomplished anymore while working there, i just wasn't prepared to continue pretending...but maybe now that i've learned to accept my inner 8 year old, that will change.

Unity is Attained through Synchronometers?


Summary (TLDR): How can a group of people attain unity? I think the answer lies in our synchronometer (calendaring) system.

I've been investigating the Mayan Calendar system download a calendar here and donate if you can and it appears that, essentially, a calendar of sufficient sophistication can provide high levels of positive synchronicity.

The same may have been true for the Grecian calendar back when people actually new more about constellations, and where the moon was at the time period, or, more importantly, what the "script" was. What i mean is, if we're in sagitarius, then people should all be acting sagitarian. This likely would allow society to function as a single unit, thereby increasing "social lubrication", which could lead to all kinds of benefits.

The Mayan calendar is poised to be superior to the Grecian calendar in many aspects, for example, take today. It's Red Planetary Dragon, and the script is to "perfect in order to nurture...", and each day following has a similar positive "script". I can perceive this as allowing groups of people to function positively in a unified way, in solidarity with one another. I can only see that the more people who integrate it into their lives, the better off everyone will be...

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

King's Quest 1, Old School Gaming

stop eating me!

Yeah, so i installed King's Quest 1, after a stint playing Supertux2 (a pretty decent game in itself). The music is tinnee, the graphics are tiny, and i'm in love all over again. Feel free to click the graphic for a larger one, and read the description of getting eaten by an alligator.

Alternative Currencies, Feminine Power, Coffee, and Camus?


So, they may not look like much, but what you're looking at is an alternative currency. No, seriously, stop laughing. There was bitcoin for those who could generate enough computational power to mine, there was some coin made at hackerspaces, then there is the "starbuck", which you have just witnessed. The secret for how these treasures are mined must be maintained, however.

Besides, the real trick isn't mining them, the trick is really in convincing someone that if you give them a starbuck, that you will honor it.

So, i'm sure you figured out the feminine power is in the starbuck symbol, and coffee is self explantory, but is this really that absurd? Where's Camus? Where's "The Stranger"? Right now you're feeling jipped i'm sure, so here, this ought to be worth 2 cents.


The Insides of a Li-Ion Battery Pack


So i decided to crack open the Li-Ion battery pack on my notebook about a week ago, in an attempt to replace the Li-Ion cells that were inside that had been nerfed after several deep discharges. It turned out to be a fail, however, after several attempts to get all the connectors wired, because apparently the circuitry disables the battery if it's been tinkered with too much. I actually think it probably would have worked if i had a better plan from the get go, unfortunately, i didn't have the right conductors to get it all lined up from the beginning, and when i first had it all wired up, one cell was warm (which i found out later was normal), which freaked me out since i know it's possible to short these and make them explode. I'm not entirely sure how bad the explosion would be, but considering each cell looked like a rather potent firecracker, and considering what could happen if Lithium gets on the skin, i didn't want to take any risks finding out. Turns out that the battery is fine, so long as it doesn't go over 90F(32C). Here are some pics of the insides of the packs (Oooooooooooo!).


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Is the Amount of Suffering in the Universe Constant?


So i've been contemplating this idea of suffering, particularly karma/kamma, or action, as i ponder my own place in life these days. One of the things that i have come to realize, in a very limited way, is how difficult it is to be a woman, or a being with the seed of motherly love. Exhibit A: It can be seen through the prison system that females tend to be less violent and therefore more compassionate than males.

Essentially, in my current living situation, i have limited choices. These limited choices now are caused by the mistaken choices i've made in the past based on ignorance. I can see now how difficult it would be for many women, and perhaps these days men, to deal with infidelity in their relationships. I'm not saying that i'm presently a victim of infidelity, however, if i am, it would essentially be impossible to prove the infidelity assuming the person involved is sufficiently devoid of ethics. What i mean is, if someone doesn't want to be caught, the amount of effort that would be required to prove infidelity would be so daunting as to make it impossible. This also caused the triggering of the following thought: "If it is believed that actions ultimately have no consequences, for instance, if nihilism is true, then why be any more good than is necessary to alleviate one's own suffering?" Indeed, even beyond this, but to pursue one's own sense pleasures. This has brought about this other thought: "Nihilists should not be trusted, or at the very least should be handled with care."

So i'm in a kind of prison, based on the limited choices i have, and it has brought me to ponder suffering as an object in the Universe, and whether or not its amount is constant. Scientists speak of entropy, but the anthropic principle spurns me towards pain, and whether or not the Universe is zero-sum with regard to "pain currency". It basically goes like this: if one particular being has a lot of pain, does that necessarily mean some other being elsewhere has an inversely proportional less amount? Of course, if this is true, we are in a kind of "hell", and no amount of effort will ever make the Universe any better than it is, or ever was, and the only hope that there would be for anybody is to let go of life and welcome death when it comes.

Monday, November 28, 2011

What I saw at Occupy LA today


I decided to go to Occupy LA today, a 10 mi (16km) bikeride, one way. There were quite a few news vans, channel 2 was there, as well as fox and kcal 9. There was an interview that was done by the kcal 9 folks that i watched a piece of. But, while i was there (around 12pm), the news folks appeared to be standing by around the outskirts of the capital building, and not really taking in the energy of the place, and when something marginally exciting happened, that is, when a city truck pulled in flanked by half a dozen LAPD officers, i didn't see any cameras rolling. The conspiracy theorist in me, who shall remain nameless, found this a bit too coincidental. But, onward. I watched as some city employees marched onto the field and pulled some pallets out of a few trees, threw them into a truck, and then drove off. One guy got pretty vocal about this, and there was an attempt at a mic check, but it appeared that the people who were presently at the Capital Building weren't really prepared to suffer for a few pallets, or risk arrest for that matter. Of course, i don't really see the point of being arrested, and i told occupyla this over twitter; getting bailed out really just means more money for the system, and less money for the 99% as i see it. I think it would make more sense to do more guerilla type excursions: pitch a tent, leave, come back later, that sort of thing. It would probably be a lot harder to do, seeing as it would require a level of communication that isn't really feasible at the present level...i did spend some time speaking to a few occupiers. They were good people i think, you know? They want to make the world a better place, that kind of thing. And i think they've already shown their committment and willingness to work for it...but, at this point, it appears the infrastructure is lacking.

Lastly, i kept asking around about hackerspaces, or open "labspaces" for the community. There is a website http://hackerspaces.org but one would have had to have the where with all to save enough money for membership fees for hackerspaces in the LA area. That's really what i think the occupiers need. They're making some great art, as can be seen by the mural they did, or even by the organization that they've done up to this point. I'm just not sure what needs to happen to make the infrastructure changes necessary to give these folks a place to go. But then, i'm not entirely sure what happened with the offer that the city gave to them earlier. Who knows, maybe there are a few occupiers already sitting pretty in a downtown building, or farming somewhere.